Giacomo Antonio Perti, Dixit Dominus a 8 voci pieno

Giacomo Antonio Perti (Bologna, 1661 - 1756)
Manuscript: S. Petronio's Music Archive

Recorded live in the Basilica of San Petronio, Bologna, Italy, 3rd October 2011


FIRST CHOIR in cornu evangelii (right in the video)

V o c i d i c o n c e r t o
Sonia Tedla, soprano
Cristina Calzolari, alto
Matteo Mezzaro, tenore
Gabriele Lombardi, basso

R i p i e n i

I n s t r u m e n t s
Sara Dieci, organo (Baldassarre Malamini, 1596)
Roberto Gini, violoncello concertato
Gianni Valgimigli, violone continuo
Marco Angilella, violoncello ripieno
Federico Bandini, violone ripieno
Floriano Rosini, trombone

SECOND CHOIR in cornu epistolæ (left in the video)

V o c i d i c o n c e r t o
Patrizia Vaccari, soprano
Bianca Simone, alto
Alberto Allegrezza, tenore
Marcello Vargetto, basso

R i p i e n i
(Alberto Allegrezza, choir master)

I n s t r u m e n t s
Liuwe Tamminga, organo (Lorenzo di Giacomo da Prato, 1475)
Gioele Gusberti, violoncello continuo
Luca Bandini, violone continuo
Antonio Braidi, violoncello ripieno
Alessandro Marzocchi, violone ripieno
Fabio Costa, trombone

MICHELE VANNELLI, maestro di cappella

This recording represents a testimony in sound of the concert for the feast of San Petronio held on 3rd October 2011, in coincidence with the celebrations for the 300th anniversary of the birth of Perti. For the occasion the performers were lined up along the horseshoe choir-stall that surrounds the presbytery of the basilica: the first chorus was on the left; the second set opposite nearly thirty metres away. This arrangement made it possible to recreate the performance and acoustic conditions, documented by copious iconography, which influenced both the composition and the performance of music in Bologna churches in the seventeenth century.

The CAPPELLA MUSICALE ARCIVESCOVILE DELLA BASILICA DI SAN PETRONIO, founded in 1436 at the request of Pope Eugene IV, was one of the most important music institutions in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; it produced important forms of instrumental music and boasted such outstanding musicians as Cazzati, Colonna, Perti, Vitali, Gabrielli, Torelli and Jacchini. The Cappella was formed anew in the 1980s, seeking to rediscover and enhance in a systematic manner the repertoire of the Bologna school, conserved in abundant quantities in the basilica's music archive. The rebirth came about in the light of recent studies of musical philology and of performance practice: under the direction of Sergio Vartolo, the Cappella Musicale di San Petronio formed the first orchestra with period instruments in Italy, boasting the collaboration of the most important musicians active in the field of so-called early music. The Cappella has given concerts all over Europe and has made recordings with Bongiovanni, Dynamic, Harmonia Mundi France, Naxos and Tactus. Michele Vannelli became maestro di cappella in 2006.

Scores transcribed and edited by Michele Vannelli

Video by Alessandro Guatti "

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